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Are you creative, practical or just want to lend a hand?

You may come to us with particular skills and experiences, or you may be completely new to amateur drama. Below are some of the ways you could get involved, but if you can imagine helping in a different way – or aren’t sure exactly what you’d want to do, then just contact us. The chances are we need help from someone just like you – even if your skills aren’t in traditional theatre things.

Some roles are demanding; others require just a small commitment of time and effort; it all helps! If you want to know more about us before taking the plunge, read the about us page, or if you want to see some of our previous work, see the video and audio clips on our past production page.

Creative Roles

  • Lighting Designer

    Enjoy electrics? Have an idea about shadow and gels, focusing and rigging? Then you might enjoy lighting one of our productions. We have a modest set up at our venue, ideal for gaining experience.

  • Sound Designer

    If you know how to create and cue sound effects for live performance (or know a bit and would like somewhere to practice) then you could help us as we expand our sound capability this year

  • Wardrobe/Costumes

    If you know about fabrics, looks and styles and can spot a bargain you would be ideal. Help us make the best of what we have in stock. If you have some making skills that would be a real bonus too.
    Are Creative, practical or just want to lend a hand?

  • Make Up Artist

    We really need some people who could help with creating looks for our casts, and maybe also help on the night to realise them. If you’re a dab hand, this could be for you.

Practical Roles

  • Set Builder

    Every set needs a builder: we always need lots of help to saw, screw, nail together, glue, paint, put up, assemble and generally do wonders with our sets and practical props.

  • Producer/Co-ordinator

    If you’re good at getting things organised, enjoy running a project and get on well with people, you could take charge of the logistics and planning of a production.

  • Stage Hand

    For larger shows such as panto we will need extra help behind the scenes and this is an ideal way to see how a show works

Yet more roles..

Suitable for flexible/spare-time working!
As you can see, you don’t have to be an actor to be “in AmDram” – And sometimes it doesn’t even help!!

  • Box Office

    If you can respond to phonecalls and emails efficiently and keep a track of bookings for our shows, you could take some of the weight from our existing box office team.

  • Digital Wizards

    Unusually for theatre folk, we’re not technophobic. If you have ideas about how to integrate computers into shows (projection, flash movies, internet collaboration), we’re all ears! We’ve experimented with this and would like to learn more.

  • Graphic Designer

    As you can see, we need a lot of graphic design for our posters and other publicity as well as for this site. If you had some spare hours to give to making a poster, that would be a major contribution.

  • Programme Editor

    Assembling one of our programmes is an interesting editorial task if you’re looking for experience of pulling together nicely-designed informational material.

  • Props Finder

    All of our productions call for props and some call for unusual ones. If you’ve got time to hunt out some of the obscure items we sometimes need, we’d love to hear from you.

  • Production Assistant

    Some of our plays will need assistance with production work which is an ideal way to find out how shows are put together and get a good feel for the group

  • Publicity Assistant

    If you’re good at writing copy you might be able to help with our press releases, or creating text for fliers or the website. Or maybe you could help distribute our posters and flyers on the street or through the post.

  • Website Editor

    Our site now has quite a lot of pages and is being updated more regularly than before. If you fancy a web maintenance/development project, maybe you’d like to help run our website – HTML skills very useful and other web skills even more so!

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